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27 Lead Magnet Ideas For Any Niche

Exactly What It Says!

Steal these 27 ideas for your First (or Next) Lead Magnet

13 Common WordPress Mistakes

And How To Fix Them

I get it. I started out as (and still am) a DIYer when it comes to WordPress. But there are 13 major mistakes we all make that can leave our sites slow and vulnerable to attack!

 I’d love to share a quick guide  to fixing these issues with you .

We’ll cover things like:

  • Is there such a thing as too many plugins?
  • Can you have too many colors (or even the wrong ones)?
  • Do you really need to back up your site if your host does?
  • And a lot more

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I am so excited to help YOU with all the things WordPress

10 Step Easy WordPress Start Up Checklist

Stop Waiting For Some Day

Grab this check list and get your site online without any hassle or fuss.

These Checklists Walk You Through All The Choices You Need To Make

  • Your Visuals
  • Your Theme
  • Your Hosting
  • Your Plugins
  • Your Pages

You Get 

  • A Pretty Digital Version With Check Boxes That Work
  • A Printable Version If You Prefer Paper Check Lists

Printable Planner:
The Simplicity Planner

Make It Easy To Remember Your WordPress tasks and more

Sometimes the mere act of writing it down can make a big difference!

While I love my digital calendar, timers, and reminders…. Writing something down just makes it more real, somehow.

This planner is intentionally simple but also has many different ways to do most things. You’ll get to choose your site (A4 vs US Letter) and if you want colorful or plain black and white.

I also dropped a few words of WordPress wisdom on the first page. I hope this helps you keep up with things in a super simple way.

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