What is WordPress? The Simple Explanation



So you’re new to WordPress and you hear all these weird words. Server, Host– what are we, out to eat? CDN, SSL, URL– are we being served alphabet soup?? Nope, friend, this is a big part of learning about what WordPress is.

Don’t worry though, I got your back.

I’m excited to launch the podcast today, and the first teaching episode has a lot of (DUNDUNDUUUUN) Vocabulary!

I kept it as simple as a could, cuz that’s how we roll around here.

Then we take a minute to look at what WordPress actually is and why it’s so damned powerful.

After Listening, You’ll Know:

  • About 14 or 15 new terms. What they mean AND why they are important
  • Why WordPress is a powerful choice for your website
  • A huge reason I love WordPress



I’d love to know what you found most useful from this episode and/or what swag you love to see from your favorite podcasts. Drop your answers in the comments!


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